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Advantages of Continuous Waste Disposal

What is difference between batch garbage disposal and continuous feed disposal?

When we think about different garbage disposal units, the difference between them becomes clear. The difference between batch garbage disposal and continuous garbage disposal is very crucial as the latter is the main difference for an effective decomposition product.

Batch garbage disposal unit is continuously feed them and put them together in the same container. It means that the garbage is scattered and compacted to get the required height. This is the real definition of batch garbage disposal. These are designed and manufactured to perform specific functions. It has certain specifications which are always followed to get the best results. They are very efficient in their working.

In such a way, the required amount of organic wastes are removed from the entire waste product. This is called running the waste disposal unit. There is no way that the same can get back to the standing height that it was after it is filtered. Because the organic wastes are collected in a different form, the amount of waste is reduced.

The only catch in the above procedure is that there is no stackable container for it. This makes it bit expensive to use. The stackable containers would have to be used at least once or twice a week.

This is bit impractical for routine use. batches of waste have to be removed on a daily basis. This is costly too.

continuous feed garbage disposal

Advantages of Continuous Waste Disposal

Let us have a look at the advantages of continuous waste disposal in a batch fashion.

1. Low Cost

The main advantage of the continuous waste disposal is the cost. The initial cost is low. The ongoing costs are low as well, since it is run on a continuous basis. Stackable containers contribute to lower costs also.

The ash solution is another cost saving feature of the continuous waste disposal. There is no need for the disposal to be washed. This makes it cost saving too.

The cost of the stackable containers is low. The ongoing costs are zero. No extra ways are needed to cut down the costs.

Ash solution is always provided along with the waste. This makes it cost saving too. The ash solution reduces the need for the bouquet man to be present.

2. Robust

The continuous waste disposal unit is robust. It is meant to last for a number of years. Cost of the units is low. The bouquet man does not have to be present to assemble the stackable containers.

The cost is low for the bouquet man too because there is no need to place them in several locations. The man is present only when required. In most cases, the man appears only when the waste needs to be disposed of.

3. Quick Dispose

The waste is disposed of quickly and compactly. This helps to expedite the process of disposal.

4. Safe to Use

The steel Containers are safe and can be used all year round. This is the most economical solution too.

The steel containers are available in different sizes.

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