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The Benefits And Advantages Of Laser Rangefinders

What are the benefits of using a laser rangefinder? The answer to that question is tied closely to where people use rangefinders. Here are a few of the common uses and how it is used in each situation.

Golf – Imagine the advantage you would have on the golf course if you knew exactly how far it was to the pin or that annoying sand trap. You could choose the perfect club to drop it on the green, or layup just short of the hazard. You could quickly drop a few strokes off your game because you would not be misjudging distances.

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Hunting – How far away is that deer or turkey? Making an accurate shot requires knowing the distance so you can account for the drop of the bullet. With a laser rangefinder, you can know the distance accurately and make sure your shot is on target. The rangefinder can help you dial in your scopes for greater accuracy, too. You can choose a distant target, find out the distance, and then take a few practice shots while you fine tune your scope. Getting a cheap hunting type, you can read the review on The

Construction – Site foremen, architects, and engineers all need to know exactly where each component of their project is going to be built. They trust surveyors to mark the area at the beginning of a project, but they need to be able to check and verify at each step. Laser rangefinders allow you to quickly measure distances across large job sites with greater accuracy than using tape measures or rolling measurement tools.

Real Estate – Laser rangefinders are great for people who work in real estate. You can measure the size of rooms, the length of the house, and even the size of the yard in moments. Most people don’t accurately remember the dimensions of their living spaces, so being able to get quick measurements is a necessity. You can even use your laser measuring tool to plan the placement of the furniture in the home or trees and features in the yard.

Law Enforcement and Accident Investigation – When the police are called to the site of an automotive accident they are required to document the facts. How far back did the brakes get applied? How far did the cars move after impact? Accident and crime scenes require accurate measurements, sometimes over great distances. A laser rangefinder can make those measurements in seconds helping investigators to quickly get the information they need.

Military – The military uses laser rangefinders constantly. Knowing exact distances helps them dial in their weapons for accurate shots, plan sites, and to track enemy movements. Precision is key in the military, which is why they trust laser rangefinders to give them a tactical advantage.

The key benefits in all of these situations are accuracy and speed. Instead of wasting minutes, or hours, trying to measure a construction site, or to line up your next golf shot, you have the information instantly. It makes you more efficient in your efforts and guarantees fewer mistakes. There is no excuse for guessing distances when you can use a rangefinder to know the distance now.

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