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Tips On How To Choose The Best Ceiling Fan For A Bedroom

If you are looking for ways to keep your bedrooms cooler over the summer months and warm them up over the winter months, ceiling fans for bedrooms are versatile tools which can supplement your cooling and heating systems.

Unlike the cooling or heating system that is designed to heat or cool the air in a room or throughout the home, a fan pushes the already cooled or heated air around which provides even airflow and distribution. Finding the right ceiling fans for your bedrooms can assist you in achieving the ideal temperature for the best night’s sleep regardless of the season.

How To Choose The Best Ceiling Fan For A Bedroom?

Today there are so many ceiling fan models and brands to choose from, that it can feel somewhat overwhelming. There are a number of factors involved when it comes to finding just the right fan for spaces such as your bedroom. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind before you make a purchase.

1. The Right Size

The fan size that you choose will depend on the height and size of the bedroom. Ceiling fans involve ratio in order to function efficiently. The fans are available in sizes from 20 to 80 inches. Here is a guide to ensure you are choosing the right size for your bedroom.

• Room Size: 75 Sq. Ft. or Smaller – Fan Size: 36 Inches or Smaller

• Room Size: 75 – 144 Sq. Ft. – Fan Size: 36 – 42 Inches

• Room Size: 144 – 225 Sq. Ft. – Fan Size: 44 – 50 Inches

• Room Size: 225 – 400 Sq. Ft. – Fan Size: 50 – 54 Inches

• Room Size: Over 400 Sq. Ft and high ceilings: Fan Size: 60 -80 Inches

2. Ceiling Height And Mounting

The preferable height for ceiling fans should be 8 feet from the tip or the fan to the floor. Your ceiling height will be deciding factor on how to mount the fan.

Flush Mounting

This is for the low-mounting and low-ceiling requirements, which typically includes the 8-foot ceilings. These mounts ensure the fan is closer to the ceiling.

Downrod Mounting

This mounting is for the ceiling heights that exceed 8 feet. The installation includes a bar which comes from your ceiling which will drop your fan downwards. There are also adapters which will allow for a way to mount your fan if your ceiling is angled.

3. Fan Blades And Design

Many of the modern fans are designed with the purposes of moving air around efficiently. The actual design comes down to personal preferences, while the blades angels are what actually counts more when considering efficiency. The traditional number of blades is usually 4 to 5 blades. Some fans come with more blades, yet certain experts suggest that too many blades can make the fan less efficient.

The materials and colors vary widely, while some seem to be more popular when compared to others. Certain ceiling fans for bedrooms also come with blades that are reversible. It is advisable to have a few ideas on what you prefer before you begin shopping, to prevent becoming overwhelmed and even possibly buying a fan that does not match up to your décor.

A lighting fixture can usually be added to the majority of fans using a lighting-kit.

It is also a good idea to consider how you plan to control the fan. With some fans, there is only one option available, yet if your ceilings are extra high, it might not be a good idea to buy a fan that comes with a pull chain design. The main options available include remote controls, wall switches and pull chains. Consider these options when you are looking for the best fan for your bedroom.

Recommended Best Ceiling Fans For Bedrooms

When you start thinking about what you would like from a fan, most of us think about a quiet, quality, and efficient air movement. Here is a list of 3 of the popular choices for ceiling fans used in bedrooms.

1. The Minka Aire F518L

This a flush-mount fan that is low mounted that features a simple contemporary style. The features that it provides will give you what you are looking for in smaller bedrooms. This model is available in various colors and comes in either 44 inches or 52-inch size.


Weight: 19.3 pounds
Size: 44 or 52 Inch
Price: Around $300
Warranty: Limited Lifetime
Efficiency And Engine Size: 64 Watts, 120 Volts, 4085 CFM
Mounting: Standard, Downrod, Angled, Or Low
Design: 5 blades with a pull chain and 3 speeds
Other Features: comes with a light kit

The Pros:

  • – Well-made
  • – Attractive

The Cons:

  • – Not energy-star rated
  • – The blades are noisy
  • – The light bulbs are not efficient and run hot
  • – Pricey

2. The Home Decorators Collection 51565

This fan features a modern design which is ideal for larger bedrooms or higher ceilings.


Weight: 19.8 Pounds
Warranty: Lifetime Motor warranty
Efficiency And Engine Size: 14 Watts, 5201 CFM
Price: Around $150
Design: Pullchain with 5 blades
Mounting: Downrod included, angled, low, and standard
Other Features: Light Fixture included

The Pros:

  • – Stylish
  • – Easy to install
  • – Works well
  • – Quiet

The Cons:

  • – Burns out quickly
  • – Does not have a variable-control switch, you have to use the on/off switch
  • – Not energy-star rated

3. The Casablanca Verse 59155

This is a simplistic design that blends well into most home décor. The design features 3 blades that come without or with a lighting fixture. This fan comes in a variety of colors and offers different height options.


Weight: 15 pounds
Warranty: 1 year on the parts, lifetime warranty on the motor, and 120-day in-home service
Size: 44 Inch
Efficiency and Engine Size: Energy Star Rated for the lights and the fan, 16 Watts, 120 Volts, 4159 CFM
Price: Around $300
Reversible Engine
Design: Remote Control, variable speeds, 3 blades
Mounting: Low mount or downrod
Other Features: Light-kit included

The Pros:

  • – Can be used for both outdoor and indoor use
  • – Versatile reversible motor
  • – Energy star rated

The Cons:

  • – Pricey
  • – Noisy

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